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What is methanisation?

Methanisation is a natural biological process of degradation of organic matter in the absence of oxygen. This produces renewable gas (biogas), and the digested material (digestate) is enriched with fertilizing elements.


The biogas can either be used in a cogeneration engine to produce electricity and heat, or purified to produce biomethane (gas composed of more than 97% methane), which is injected into the natural gas network.


The purification or direct injection of biomethane allows a better energy yield thanks to the absence of transformation losses present in the cogeneration.

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What is the interest of this type of project for the territories?

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Local economic development

The creation of direct and indirect jobs; tax benefits and the sustainability of the partner farms by giving them the opportunity to generate additional income (equity investment) and to save on chemical fertilizers (use of digestate).

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pictogramme développement financier

Ecological Development

The creation of 100% renewable green gas and therefore the reduction of fossil gas consumption, by making better use of agricultural effluents and locally produced organic matter; the reduction in the use of chemical fertilizers and the absence of olfactory nuisance during the spreading period.


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