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Benefit from an innovative production tool: protect your crops and modernize your farm at a lower cost

Our goal is to offer you a turnkey project for the construction of innovative solar greenhouses, designed in accordance with your needs. Everything is financed by Technique Solaire and paid off by the solar power plant.

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Our advantages

Advantages adapted to your activities

  • We build your photovoltaic greenhouse at a lower cost;
  • You protect your crops from climatic hazards (bad weather, frost, hot weather, …) and from pests;
  • You reduce the use of phytosanitary products;
  • You develop your farm;
  • You improve your working conditions;
  • You participate in the energy transition by producing local green energy.
  • Shape and technology of the greenhouse adapted to the crop
  • Control of the automatic openings to control the indoor climate
  • Support for the crop when necessary

Know that the Technique Solaire teams strive to innovate and find technical solutions, in order to best meet the activities of its partners.

For who ?

Find out if you are eligible for the offer


  • 01. Be the owner of a plot of land under cultivation or to be cultivated
  • 02. Have a construction project superior to 15000 m²
  • 03. To have a southern orientation
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Technique Solaire Team

Our vision is to design Agrivoltaic projects, allowing a harmonious and efficient coexistence between agricultural production and renewable energy production.

The entire life cycle (construction and maintenance) of the photovoltaic power plant installed on the roof of the building is at the expense and under the responsibility of Technique Solaire.

Our offer

Technique Solaire takes care of all the costs related to your project

Feasibility study

Technical, regulatory and environmental studies

Administrative expenses

Building permits, geometer, notary, ...

Construction costs

Foundations, structure, cover, connection

Recycling fees

As a member of Soren, we recycle panels for our customers

Decommissioning costs

Of photovoltaic modules at the end of their life cycle.

Operating and maintenance costs

Operational management of the plant and financial management of operations

What our customers say about our solution

Our productions

Discover our latest projects of photovoltaic greenhouses

We offer high quality “turnkey” projects

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Why choose Technique Solaire?

Our Expertise

With more than 400 projects in operation, the Technique Solaire Group is your only point of contact for the entire photovoltaic installation project, as well as for operation & maintenance. Our teams are committed to doing everything possible to meet all your needs.

Our Know-How

Technique Solaire has in-house multidisciplinary skills and qualified sub-contractors to carry out your entire project (a team in charge of project development, a design office, a team specialized in project financing, a legal team, a purchasing team, an operations and maintenance team).

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