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Ground-mounted or floating parks

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Are you a community?

Whether you are a landowner or not, our solar projects may be of interest to you.

Increase your community's income and help fight climate change

You can play a role in improving the appeal of your region by rehabilitating an unexploited plot of land and allowing private individuals to invest in a renewable energy project. In this way, you will be helping to achieve the regional energy and climate objectives.

The installation of a ground-mounted solar power plant on your region generates significant local tax benefits from:

  • the flat-rate tax on the network companies (IFER)
  • the territorial economic contribution (CET), which is composed of the contribution on the added value of companies (CVAE) and the contribution foncière des entreprises (CFE)
  • the development tax (TA), etc.

Crouwdfunding financing

The Technique Solaire group is looking to get the regions and their local populations involved in its solar projects. To this end, Technique Solaire relies on participatory financing, which allows everyone to invest in renewable energy projects. We work with professionals in the field of participatory financing, dedicated to renewable energy. Among the existing platforms, we work regularly with Lumo (Société Générale Group) and Lendopolis (Banque Postale Group).

Diane Meriaux, Development manager for ground-mounted and floating projects

We design ground-mounted solar park projects, adapted to all types of land (agricultural; former landfills; former quarries; bodies of water; polluted land; industrial wasteland; abandoned infrastructure: road, rail, airport, etc.) Our objective is to offer you a turnkey project with a high environmental performance, designed to meet your expectations and the regulations in force.

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The entire life cycle of your solar power plant is under the responsibility of the Technique Solaire group.

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Why choose Technique Solaire?

Why choose Technique Solaire?

With more than 400 projects in progress, the Technique Solaire group is your only point of contact for the entire solar installation project, as well as for operations & maintenance. Our teams are committed to doing everything possible to fulfil all your needs.

Our Know-How

Technique Solaire has in-house multidisciplinary skills and qualified sub-contractors to complete your entire project (a team in charge of project development, a design office, a team specialised in project financing, a legal team, a purchasing team, and an operations and maintenance team).

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You have a project ?

You have a project, an idea or you need advice, our development managers will be happy to answer it

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