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Values and commitments

Our values


Thanks to our expertise in the renewable energy sector, we to leave nothing to chance.

It is because of our reliability and professionalism that have been able to build the trust of our clients and partners. We strive for excellence at every stage of every project.


The close relationships established with our partners are absolutely essential, with a major focus on the people involved. We work locally to develop renewable energies but also with the regions:

  • by participating in the development of farms;
  • by promoting crowdfunding.


Every aspect (i.e. economy, partnerships, quality and environment) of the projects we develop, design and build is addressed using sustainable methods.

We operate our power plants for several decades and must therefore:

  • put quality at the very centre of our concerns;
  • have sound, long-term relationships with our partners.

Our business contributes to the fight against global warming by getting involved in the energy transition and developing renewable energies.


Initially an entrepreneurial project, our SME became a mid-cap company and is still growing, thanks to the well-grounded and measured ambitions we espouse.

We have become the leading player on the French market for large solar roofs.

In search of new challenges, we have diversified into biogas, are pursuing our international development and striving to innovate in the service of our customers and partners.

Leaf Branch

We are members of several Bpifrance communities, in the field of entrepreneurship, energy transition and industry :

« Les Excellence » +
The "Excellence" community is a circle of intrepid entrepreneurs who break the mould with their ideas and shape the future of the regions through their actions, raising the profile of France at the same time.
La Communauté du Coq Vert +
The Communauté du Coq Vert, launched by Bpifrance in partnership with ADEME and the Ministry of Ecological Transition, brings together companies committed to the ecological transition. It supports companies in adopting more responsible behaviour in favour of the environment.
La French Fab +
The French Fab is made up of companies from industry and industrial services, whose production is based in France and that have the capacity to reinvent themselves and adapt to transitions. These ambitious companies look to the future and are committed to growth, innovation and international development, but are also rooted in our regions over the long term.
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