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Who are we ?


The Technique Solaire Group acts as a catalyzer of both the energy and agricultural transitions. We produce renewable and competitive energy by deploying solar photovoltaic and biogas infrastructures in France and internationally. The group’s ambition is to decarbonize the economy and contribute to the sustainable development of territories

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We are present throughout the entire value chain, as we develop, finance, build, operate and maintain solar energy plants and methanation units in France and abroad (India, Netherlands, Spain, etc.)


We complete turnkey projects and are your single point of contact. As an integrated operator, the Technique Solaire group acts as a general contractor. We are results-oriented and are committed to ensuring the satisfaction and loyalty of our customers.

Our main subsidiaries

Technique Solaire
Technique Solaire Prestations
Technique Biogaz
JLTM Energy (India)
Technique Solaire Nederland
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Our missions

To accelerate the energy transition in France and abroad by developing solar and biogas projects.

To help develop farms by participating in their renovation and by providing solutions that allow them to innovate and generate additional income.

To build up the regions by enabling local tax benefits and by creating local jobs.

Our vision

We believe in a world in which renewable energies will predominate and be widely available, so that we can fight global warming effectively.


Our ambition is to leave a better, fairer and more ecological world behind us. Our challenge is to do everything we can to make clean energy available to as many people as possible throughout all the regions. This is also one of the main drivers for achieving sustainable development.

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At its own level, Technique Solaire is contributing to the fight against global warming by getting involved in the energy transition and developing renewable energies.

Our keys figures


Forecast turnover in 2024


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Our management team

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Founded in 2008, the Technique Solaire group is still managed by its 3 co-founder The governance is organised through a number of committees:

  • A strategic committee made up of the three co-founders and the minority shareholders, BPI France and the Crédit Agricole group;
  • Management committees composed of the three co-founders and the directors.
julien fleury

Julien Fleury

Co-founder and managing director in charge of operations

lionel themine

Lionel Themine

Co-founder and managing director in charge of financing

thomas de moussac

Thomas de Moussac

Co-founder and managing director in charge of development

yacine redifi

Yacine Redifi

Director of the biogas subsidiary (Technique Biogaz)

manu bishnoi

Manu Bishnoi

Director of the Indian subsidiary (JLTM Energy)

Dick Teunis

Dick Teunis

Director of the Dutch subsidiary (Technique Solaire Nederland)

Gabriel de la Marniere

Gabriel de la Marnierre

Director of solar projects

Edouard Dazard

Edouard Dazard

Chief Investment Officer

Maxime Durande

Maxime Durande

Director of development France

Vincent Griffon

Vincent Griffon

Director of international development

Photo de Christophe Vriet

Christophe Vriet

Director of Information Systems

Audrey Bourlon, Directrice juridique

Audrey Bourlon

Legal Director

Clément Blaizot

Clément Blaizot

Director of Innovation

Our values and commitments

Having emerged from a culture of entrepreneurship, the group places people at the heart of its business and encourages creativity, independent decision-making and initiative.


Our teams, with their varied profiles, are the driving force behind the group’s performance.


« Nous sommes convaincus que notre démarche est nécessaire pour parvenir à un monde meilleur. Nous devons collectivement changer les modes de production d’énergie sur la planète. D’autant que les énergies renouvelables sont devenues compétitives.

Ainsi, nous offrons à nos partenaires la possibilité de changer de modèle économique et de basculer sur le modèle du futur, alternatif aux énergies fossiles et peut-être au nucléaire. »

photo de groupe collaborateurs de technique solaire pendant un team event d'été