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Territorial methanisation

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Participate in a collective project and recycle your organic/agricultural waste locally

We offering you the opportunity to join forces with us in developing methanisation projects, by becoming a shareholder in the operating company.
Technique Biogaz develops regional projects for injecting gas into the gas network.

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Our advantages

A profitable partnership, adapted to your activities

unité de méthanisation territoriale vue du ciel
  • You pool your costs through a collective project;
  • Your agricultural waste is treated and recovered locally;
  • Your effluents are managed away from your farm;
  • You increase your storage capacity;
  • You receive digestate with a high agronomic value for your land;
  • Odours during spreading are eliminated;
  • You participate in a circular economy project;
  • You have the opportunity to invest in a profitable project;
  • You enhance your company’s image by participating in the energy transition and reducing CO2 emissions.
  • Picto confirmation Exchange of materials for digestate
  • Picto confirmation Purchase of materials
  • Picto confirmation Processing of materials at lower cost
  • Picto confirmation Land enhancement
For who ?

Find out if you are eligible for the offer

Livestock (cattle, goats, pigs, poultry, sheep, rabbits, horses) Food industry (slaughterhouse, bakery, cheese factory, catering, sugar factory, distillery, mill, oil factory) Cereals (crop waste)
unité de méthanisation celles sur belle


  • 01. Have an ideally stable effluent or waste production
  • 02. Be close to a road with good transport links
  • 03. Own your land
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« Proximity, trust and long-term partnership are three key elements for us, as we are both the project owner and the unit operator. We work on the ground with farmers and industrialists to develop a joint project that fulfils everyone’s needs. »

Our offer

Technique Biogaz offers to handle the following

Picto étude de projet

Project study

Securing the deposit, the land, the connection to the gas network, etc.

picto développement technique

Technical development

Technique Biogaz designs all its installations in-house

picto développement administratif

Administrative development

Building permit, ICPE file, health approval, etc.

picto exploitation

Financial development

Search for subsidies and bank loans

Pictogramme construction

Construction of the unit

Commitment to price, deadlines and performance

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Operational management of the unit and financial management of the operation

What our customers say about our solution


« For a business like ours, it is essential to be interested in projects such as those run by Technique Biogaz. After a few meetings with the developer, everything went quickly without spending much time. Thanks to our partnership on the Celles-sur-Belle methanisation unit, we are less dependent on mineral fertilizers and can eliminate the costs of transporting the materials. It also gives us more flexibility and relieves our storage capacity. The environmental benefit is a plus. We are proud to be able to produce renewable energy. »

Bonneau family farm - Cattle and goat farmers
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Our Expertise

With more than 400 projects in progress, the Technique Solaire group is your only point of contact for the entire solar installation project, as well as for operations & maintenance. Our teams are committed to doing everything possible to fulfil all your needs.

Our Know-How

Technique Solaire has in-house multidisciplinary skills and qualified sub-contractors to complete your entire project (a team in charge of project development, a design office, a team specialised in project financing, a legal team, a purchasing team, and an operations and maintenance team).

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