Technique Solaire Group Accelerates International Expansion by Strengthening its Presence in the Netherlands and Spain

parc flottant photovoltaique aux Pays-Bas
  • Acquisition of two “Ready-to-Build” projects in the Netherlands totaling 26 MWp, doubling the Group’s photovoltaic capacity in the region.

  • Acquisition of eight “Ready-to-Build” projects in Spain with a combined capacity of 32 MWp, scheduled for commissioning in early 2025.

  • Commissioning of the Group’s first floating solar plant with a capacity of 7 MWp in the Netherlands.

  • Appointment of Mr. Ignacio Rebollo as Country Director for Spain.

Poitiers, June 10, 2024 – Technique Solaire group, an independent producer of renewable energies committed to the agricultural transition, is expanding its international presence with the acquisition of new “Ready-to-Build” projects in the Netherlands and Spain. The Group is adding 58 MWp to its project development pipeline. These new projects will collectively supply energy equivalent to the average consumption of 60,800 local inhabitants and help avoid more than 13,500 tonnes of CO2 emissions annually.

Thomas de Moussac, co-founder and Managing Director in charge of Development, and Vincent Griffon, Director of International Development: “These recent acquisitions represent a significant step forward in our ambition to become a leading global energy company. They strengthen our positions in the Netherlands and Spain and mark another milestone towards our goal of reaching 4 GWp by 2030. In this context of sustained growth, we are delighted to welcome Ignacio Rebollo to lead our operations in Spain. His expertise will be invaluable in advancing our projects in the region. Through these achievements, Technique Solaire reaffirms its pivotal role in the energy and agricultural transition, contributing actively to a more sustainable future.”

Netherlands: New Projects and Commission of First Floating Solar Plant

Technique Solaire is enhancing its presence in the Dutch market by acquiring two “Ready-to-Build” photovoltaic projects. Located in Gelderland province, in Beuningen and Druten, these projects represent a total capacity of 26 MWp (15 MWp and 11 MWp, respectively). The construction of the Beuningen plant, which began in the first quarter of 2024, marks the largest project for Technique Solaire in Europe in terms of installed capacity.

Once operational, these two parks will generate 26 GWh of renewable electricity annually, meeting the energy needs of nearly 20,000 local inhabitants.

In parallel, the Group has launched its first floating photovoltaic solar plant in Limburg at BillyBird Park Drakenrijk. With a capacity of 7 MWp, this plant spans 4.3 hectares of water and produces 6.4 GWh of electricity per year, enough to power approximately 5,000 local inhabitants in the region.

Since its entry into the Dutch market in 2018, the Group now operates or has under construction 37 MWp of capacity in the country. Technique Solaire aims to increase this to over 100 MWp by 2030, supported by investments of 84 million euros.

Spain: Acquisition of Eight Photovoltaic Plants and Strategic Team Expansion  

Technique Solaire has completed the acquisition of eight “Ready-to-Build” photovoltaic plants in the Aragon region of northern Spain, with a combined capacity of 32 MWp.

Scheduled for commissioning in early 2025, these plants will augment Technique Solaire’s existing portfolio of photovoltaic projects in Spain, which totals 400 MWp.

Spain is one of the most promising European markets for photovoltaic solar energy, thanks to its excellent solar irradiation and mature industry.

As part of its strategic growth in the Spanish market, Technique Solaire is pleased to announce the appointment of Mr. Ignacio Rebollo as Country Director. He will oversee the development of these new projects and accelerate the Group’s expansion in Spain amidst a highly competitive landscape. With over 20 years of expertise and extensive knowledge of the Iberian Peninsula, Ignacio Rebollo is well-equipped to lead these efforts.

These photovoltaic plants will produce 63 GWh of electricity annually, equivalent to the annual consumption of over 40,800 local inhabitants.

Present in Spain since 2022, Technique Solaire aims to achieve an operational capacity of more than 600 MWp by 2030, backed by investments totaling 494 million euros.

  • About Technique Solaire

Technique Solaire is a French independent renewable energy producer. Founded in 2008, it specializes in the development, financing, construction, and operation of renewable energy production units (solar and methanation) in France and internationally. With over 200 employees, the group operates more than 500 MWp of photovoltaic plants in France, India, and the Netherlands, along with three biogas production units. The group aims to reach 1 GWp of solar energy by 2025 (in operation or under construction).

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