The Celles sur Belle Biogaz plant injected into the GRDF network

Since 25 September 2019, the methanisation unit developed by Technique Biogaz, a subsidiary of the Technique Solaire group, of SAS CELLES SUR BELLE BIOGAZ located in Celles-sur-Belle, has been producing biomethane, a 100% renewable green gas, from the treatment of livestock effluents (cattle manure, goat manure, pig manure, horse manure, whey, cereal waste) from 14 farms and partner cooperatives and shareholders of SAS CELLES SUR BELLE BIOGAZ.This unit will process 21,000 tonnes of material per year to produce the average energy consumption of 1,000 households, thus avoiding 3,100 tonnes of CO2 equivalent.
Indeed, local resources (livestock and plant effluents) are recovered and produce energy (biomethane) as well as a digestate with a high agronomic value.
This project brings us many advantages, since it allows us to better exploit our effluents and become players in the energy transition while making savings and diversifying our income,” say the partner farms.The project was initiated in 2015, with the following objectives:

  • participate in the production of renewable energy and the reduction of fossil fuel consumption at the local level,
  • better valorise effluents, cereal waste and locally produced whey,
  • sustain and diversify farmers’ incomes (shareholding, effluent management, fertilizer savings),
  • produce a digestate enriched in fertilizing elements, valorized by a return to the soil allowing the substitution of part of the mineral fertilizers used.
The Celles sur Belle Biogaz plant injected into the GRDF network Technique Solaire commissions its 2nd solar PV power plant in India
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